Children & London FreeSchool Week!

The week is open to everyone that wants to be involved so please feel free to bring children along for the workshops. A creche will also be running throughout the week but email beforehand so that there is an idea of numbers, timing, etc. Also, if you’re able to give a helping hand with this then please also get in contact!


2 Responses to “Children & London FreeSchool Week!”

  1. Are you serious about “cartomancy” or is this a wind-up? Shpuld we be encouraging mysticism in a project that aims at peoples’ taking control of their lives? Likewise the civil diobedience training bit looks pretty dubious, too.

  2. londonfreeschool Says:

    elo fred,
    one of the most important principles of a freeschool is people being able to choose freely what they want to share with others, and learn from each other. if you think cartomancy is bizzare or irrelevant dont go to it. personally i dont really know what it is, but im guessing its not too closely related to necromancy.

    in relation to civil disobedience training i dont really know how you can think it looks dubious being as there is no description of it yet… but if people are going to be doing arrestable things its definately a good idea to get a grasp of what happens and how to deal with the police,other angry people or fellow protestors.

    just to reiterate go to what interests you, dont go to what you don’t. self censorship of activities some people regard as being ‘a wind-up’ would be kind of contrary to the whole idea of a freeschool…


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