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Call Out for the next FreeSchool Weekender

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The London FreeSchool collective has decided to organise another week-end of skillsharing (we thought about 5-7th March 2010).
This will be the fifth London FreeSchool event since september 2008. We had tons of workshops, hosted in many different social centres scattered around london and lots of very diverse people doing and attending workshops!

The collective started discussing the next FreeSchool weekender, and had some very interesting and ambitious ideas.
Mainly we would like the next FreeSchool weekender to have a focus on feminism/gender/anti-sexism.
But at the same time, one of our main aim would be to get a wide range of people coming, including some that have not been before in feminist spaces or haven’t had access to it. Basically we would like to use the FreeSchool format to get everyone to think about feminism and anti-sexism issues in the Freeschool context.
But also, more generally, we would like to create a space where people could feel safe and free to raise issues (sexism, racism…) or to ask for help if they felt oppressed/threatened. This would probably mean having a safer space policy for the whole event. It would also mean trying not only to have a strong emphasis on sexism but a sort of general background throughout the week-end about systems of oppression, and make it open for racism, able-ism, age-ism, classism and other issues to be brought up.

We are then trying to reach out people around us to organise this event and make it successful!
This is the very beginning and we would like you to come and help shape this next FreeSchool weekender!

The next meeting will be on Thursday the 14th of January at 8pm, 195 Mare Street in Hackney (bring some warm clothing!).

You are all invited to come and bring ideas and suggestions!

Only for your information, here are some ideas we had but that obviously need more diScussion/critics:
– having regular workshops that we would have during a regular freeSchool event but with a feminist angle/gender issues emphasis (for example: housing with specific discussion on women’s housing situation…),
– feminism/gender/sexism related workshops,
– maybe some non-mixed sessions/workshops for “highly gendered” topics (bike fixing, electricity, plumbing, IT…) where some of us felt that it would be much more empowering for women to be in a non mixed environment,
– empasizing the questionning of genders,
– a small debrief at the end of each workshop (maybe with questions like: did you feel you had enough space to express yourself during the workshop? have you noticed any oppressive behavior/language during the workshop?),
– a daily debrief (during dinner) open to everyone and with at least the facilitators of the day’s workshops.


London FreeSchool Meetup

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Tuesday 15th December

19:00 @ 195 Mare Street, Hackney, E8 3QE

The London FreeSchool has organised various workshops and discussions in social centres across London with the aim of promoting free community organised skill-sharing. In June the group occupied 165 Commercial Street and held a weekend of workshops relating to Squatting, Housing & Gentrification. This will be the first meeting since then to discuss the successfulness of previous freeschool events and to plan for future skill-sharing festivities in the new year.

If you would like to be involved but can’t make this meeting drop us a line;

deschooling_society… (replace …at… with the @ sign)