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London Free School / Callout for workshops.

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2010 by jonnyboy

The next London Free School will be held 6-7 March.

This free school is organised around issues of gender oppression and emancipation, but in a very particular way. We are open to all manner of workshops, discussions, seminars, etc. which aren’t specifically about feminism or gender, however, whatever the workshop (origami, stoic philosophy, language lessons) there would be an engagement with how gender figures into what is being learned.

This calls for interesting facilitation, and could be done in many different ways – it’s up to you.
Although we want the workshops to end with a kind of debrief wherein participants review the gender politics at play in the experience.
The idea is to get a wide range of people coming, including some that have not been in feminist spaces before, and integrate these issues into more general activities.

The workshops can be way to directly engage with how gender oppression affects what is possible, not possible, and how this still matters. The intention is to upset the traditional ways abilities, skills and access to conventional power are tied to “male”, while emotional labour, and certain abilities are tied to “female”.  Enough, let’s have a free school!

So if you’re up for it, please contact us with a short description of what you have in mind.

you can:

– publish a comment on this blog

– send an email to deschooling_society at

– come to one of our next meeting. The next meetings will be on Thursday 28th Jan 7pm(195 Mare st in Hackney) and Thursday 11th Feb.

Deadline for workshops proposal is Feb. 11.

deschooling_society at
to join our infoline text “freeschool” to 07905774037