Resistance Freeschool, July 25th, 2010, 1pm

The 6th London Freeschool will be held as part of a weekend celebrating the past, present and future of the 195 Mare Street Social Centre. Sunday 25th July will be devoted to a day of workshops looking to the future and how we can resist evictions, oppression, exploitation by private property management companies and the rhetoric of electoral politics. Come along and discuss your experience of building barricades, learn about your legal status after eviction, know your rights and take part in legal observation role play, watch a film about what it means to be a Camelot property ‘guardian’ and debate the current government’s appropriation of the language of autonomous politics. The day will finish with the ever surprising Workshop of Nothing (with extra nothingness), vegetarian food and a Lounge Lizard set from DJs Steene and Andy. Other distractions will include kiln building in the garden and How to be Abusive in Spanish. All workshops between 1 and 8pm. Music and food after.

1-2:00pm Advisory Service for Squatters workshop on legal issues in resisting eviction
2-3:30pm Legal Observer training
2-3:30pm We are not the ‘Big Society’ seminar

During the election (as well as immediately afterward) we’ve noticed how the Conservative Party has been appropriating the imagery and symbols normally associated with anarchist politics, in order to capitalise on the reaction against New Labour’s obsession with audit regimes, box-ticking managerialism and the destruction of civil liberties. For example, academies are being called ‘free schools’, and one Tory campaign poster read ‘social revolution not state control’. This poses particular challenges. How do we make sure that our opposition to state control doesn’t get conflated with the Con/Dem ideology of ‘small government’?

The new Conservative ideology is based almost entirely on a book by Phillip Blond called Red Tory: How Left and Right Have Broken Britain and How We can Fix It. Blond wants to provide conditions for ‘autonomous organisation’ and re-invigorate the power of the working class. Sound familiar?

Join us to discuss how we can promote activism and autonomous social structures without sounding as if we’ve sold out to electoral politics. The seminar will be followed by a ritual book burning.

3:30-4pm tea break
4-5:30pm screening of Carefree Vacant Property on Camelot anti-squatting service

In this documentary Abel Heijkamp follows 7 tenants from the 2 largest anti-squat companies Camelot and Ad Hoc, to reveal the consequences for tenants who have no protection under the law. Who uses the services of anti-squat agencies? And how do politicians, housing experts, lawyers and others judge this rising phenomenon?

6-8:00pm Workshop of Nothing –  with extra nothingness
TBA Barricade workshop

Check the website for more information on workshops and POSSIBLE CHANGES to time of events!
of 195 Mare st. weekend


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