Bearded Ladies workshop

Ever wondered what you would look like with facial hair? Want to try that infamous three day stubble? Or just get some burns to bring out your delicate features?

Get together with other ladies and get bearded!

Things to bring

if you’ve got any of these please bring them along:

  • make up brush (the wide one for putting on powder)
  • mirror
  • scissors
  • hairgel
  • mastic gum (the one you put on your face, not the one you put around doors)
  • artificial hair
  • condoms (need at least one per person)

you might want to consider bringing a second pair of briefs. Can be more comfortable for the package.

Depending on how much you want to macho it up, you might want to bring/wear some macho clothing:

  • biggish shoes give the impression of bigger feet, you want to take up lots of space so, what’s easier than to size up your footprint.
  • wide trousers, that sit on you hip bones rather than your waist, could come with a belt
  • shirt that doesn’t have a tailored waist. rather wide and longish
  • wide elastic bandages for avoiding that telling cleavage.
  • hats are always great

2 Responses to “Bearded Ladies workshop”

  1. I have wanted to know how to do this for years,
    just by accident found this website “londonfreeschool”BUT too late
    (will this be offered again and if so when and where?)
    and also could you pass along my contact info to the organizer/teacher of the workshop


    did not even know about the 2-3 day event/workshops on any of the subject in advance (and a wide variety of the classes were interesting to me)

    also looks like you had puppet making was those only hand puppets/sock puppets etc OT were they marionettes(as would like to make a marionette ?)and was the class only for children or were adult welcome

    also have been trying to find free(have limited income)
    classes on Permaculture, find when they use the word “sustainability” online tend to be classes only for those with lots of money

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