Feminism, autonomous politics, Marxism/Anarchism

1) What have feminist tendencies brought to autonomist politics in the 70s?

Apparently there was a shift in post-68 anarchist practice and theory, and this new way of organising (thought and acts) was greatly integrating/inspired-by the feminist activities/research going on at that time.

2) How the perspective of feminism transcends Marxist/anarchist perspectives?

The critique of exploitation, no matter if it is spelled out in red or black, is usually linked with wage labour in industrial societies. That is a historical development in Europe-centric history which spans only a few centuries. However, the concept of patriarchy points to a structure of exploitation that has a wider historic span. On the other hand, the analysis of that structure of repression not only focused on objective social relations but also intersubjective/personal politics. Feminism has been in a very good position to go beyond the class-based analysis of alienation and other more subjective processes.


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