Misogyny, oppression and Gyoza

Misogyny is a very difficult question to deal with. There are as many forms and reasons for misogyny as there are misogynists and they can come from the whole spectrum of platitudes: gay, straight, male, female etc… what can we do about misogyny and why is it such a constant problem? This discussion will not have any particular position on the problem, except of course that it is a problem. As a discussion we would like people to come forward with their own particular experiences of misogyny – whether as culprit or victim – even if they feel that they have been a victim of a ‘false claim of misogyny’. That is, women or men who feel that misogyny has been used as a card in political or personal confrontations; as this is the most stickiest problem of all, as well as theories and understandings towards a resolution to this problem. The only position we bring to this debate is that we are not locked in a confrontation between sexual orientations, nor genders, but are under the sway of an ideology and power that would seek to pit us as such. We are all singular; not beings but becomings, constantly in a state of change!

During the workshop I’ll teach people to make Gyoza, a lush Japanese dumpling, it’s vegan but includes soya, so if the debate becomes too heated we can just make lovely vegan food instead!

So, whether you’re a misogynistic chef or a woman who should really be in the kitchen; come to the freeschool instead!!!!!


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