Basic crochet and knitting for social warCraft

This is a discussion of which skills are associated with women, within the anarchist movement/scene and in wider society, and a practical workshop in needlecraft – one of those skills – as a precursor to a weekend of skillshare in such crafts.

We think that both women and men lack many useful skills, and the motivation to learn them, because they associate them with disempowerment. We still highly value construction skills, and call carpentry, plumbing, electrics DIY’ but don’t call sewing, needlecraft, weaving or baking ‘doing it yourself’, instead these are still seen as ‘hobbies’, not serious tools for self-sufficiency, like plumbing or welding. We think it’s time we accept and celebrate the historical role the ‘woman’ has played in production, and that it’s therefore important for anyone who values traditionally ‘men’s’ skills to take on traditionally ‘women’s’ skills, and that it is particularly important for self-identified men to take on these skills to break down gender boundaries.

Hopefully we’ll have both men and women facilitating the workshop, in which we’ll cover basic knit and crochet, and how to learn at home and what you can do with these skills.

Please bring along needles, hooks and yarn if you have.


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