Workshop of Nothing

Create new words that nobody can understand, only you and try to communicate, make a totally misunderstanding text and bring to the workshop, and try to explain it. It could be included sounds and their translations in different languages. Also change your gender, be what you always wanted to be and come to the workshop, there is not limitation on what you can dress, make up. The only condition is doing all that in a safer space, not aggressions, respect for the other, neither subtle or evident abuse will be tolerated inside the workshop. Is people is discovered being abusive, their aggressive behaviour and the possibility of being changed will happen.


1 There is not teacher, not facilitator, or in another words, everyone is a possible teacher and/or facilitator.

2 You can add any idea you want, because it is the workshop of everything, I just proposed some of my ideas, but I am nobody.

In conclusion If you want to add something just send a mail with the title Workshop of everything and do it, taking in count that next free school is gender orientated and a safe space


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